Frequently Asked Questions About CS2

Trust factor calculation depend on your gameplay and previous gaming experience in CS2 as well with the steam. To maintain high trust factor, avoid to do griefing and team kills.

Once you bought prime status from steam market or reached private rank 21, then you are eligible to activate prime status. To enable prime status in CS2, you need to add phone number.

If you want to enable owerwatch in cs2 then you need to be active member in community of cs2. Investigators will be selected on the basis of activity in community, most cs2 hours, wins and low reports in game. You will get overwatch to investigate the reported player, after reviewing you will be asked for few questions about his gameplay like report.

Yes, smurfing is good in csgo, mostly pro and smurf players like to do smurfing against the noob players and newcomers in CS2.

When you purchase the CS2 account, after payment confirmation you will get your account details within minutes on your given mail.

You will get steam account details on your billing email address with all credentials.

Yes, Only Ownasmurf provides the best CS2 accounts with high trust factor with no ban and no cooldown.

You can check out your order with stripe that is most secure in the world. If you don’t have any debit card or credit card then don’t worry, we accept G2A wallet, Paypal & crypto.

What is Counter Strike: 2?

If you are seriously curious to know about the counter strike then welcome here to my friend! Counter-Strike: 2 is a FPP Multiplayer Shooting Game developed by the Valve Corporation. Buy CS2 Prime AccountsCS2 Smurf Accounts, and CS2 High Tier Accounts from OwnASmurf ! Counter-Strike:2 is the latest version of counter strike released in september 2023. Buy Prime CS2 Accounts was just released after the counter strike Global Offensive CSGO. This FPP game has different types of modes that including competitive as well as casual, deathmatch, arm race, demolition which can be played on any of the buy cs2 smurf accounts or high tier cs2 prime accounts. These matches include bomb planting/defusing and hostage rescues.In CS:2 , there are two sides of teams as terrorists and counter-terrorists. Terrorists have to defend the bomb after planting and defend the hostages from a rescue operation whether the counter-terrorists have to defuse the bomb and rescue the hostages from the place. CS2 competitive matches played between 5vs5 as well casual match by 10vs10. In CS2 Matchmaking when you play with CS2 Prime Account or CS2 Non Prime Account , you can win only 2 matches till the 21 hours cooldown and it happens for 5 times until you win the 10 matches. After that you will be ranked in CS2 but OwnASmurf provides you the best and high trust green factor accounts so you don’t need to wait for 5 days , you can buy prime cs2 ranked accounts.

What is the meaning of CS2 Smurfing?

Buy CS2 Smurf Accounts for smurf and pro players, these cs2 smurf prime accounts have a high rank in csgo competitive and all have maximum advantages. There are two types of smurf accounts, you play with noobs by silver prime accounts or either play with SMFC Prime Account, or LEM Prime Account or Global Elite Prime Account. The big advantages of buy cs2 cheap smurf accounts that player doesn’t need to maintain the status of his steam/cs2 profile, OwnASmurf provides you the high trust factor or green trust factor CS2 Cheapest Smurf Prime Accounts with high hours and high wins ration in competitive matches. Buy CSGO Gold Nova Prime Accounts and gold nova rank is that rank in this pool of rank, you will find maximum players also you can see on csgo ranked players chart.. A very apparent reason for buying smurf prime cs2 accounts to save time in rank boost, hours boost, and maximum win ratio.

What are CS2 Ranked Accounts?

There are 18 ranks in CS2 Matchmaking –

There are 6 ranks for newcomers in csgo ranked accounts. That is the silver prime accounts group and it starts from Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3, Silver 4, Silver Elite, Silver Elite Master. After silver ranked cs2 accounts, Gold Nova Ranked Accounts come. Gold Nova has a bracket of 4 ranks – Gold Nova 1, Gold Nova 2, Gold Nova 3, Gold Nova Master. The next bracket of CSGO Ranked Smurf Accounts is Master Guardian that includes – Master Guardian 1, Master Guardian 2, Master Guardian Elite, Distinguished Master Guardian. After these brackets, High Ranked Smurf Accounts become including these ranks – Legendary Eagle Ranked AccountsLegendary Eagle Master AccountsSMFC Ranked Accounts, and Global Elite Prime Accounts. OwnASmurf presents you with all types of CS2 competitive/matchmaking-ready accounts.

What Is The VAC Ban In Steam?

VAC is the system developed by Valve Inc. Anti-Cheat. VAC can monitors the suspicious activities in the cs2 matchmaking by any third party software. VAC uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to detect spin botters, aim botters, and wallhackers after purchase csgo account. If you used any third-party tool in cs2 for fun , there will be chances of VAC on your steam account.

VAC system works regularly to track and keep monitoring the player’s gameplay. If any player caught using a third-party tool for cs2 matchmaking, he/she will get a vac ban.

Can I Get False VAC Ban?

Yes, you can get a false vac ban or game developer ban if you are using the third-party tools and you will get a vac ban instantly. Also, there is many reasons of vac ban are – griefing in matchmaking, skin changer or getting reported by more and more players. Sometimes it can take months and you may be getting a false vac ban.

If you are using legit or premium hacks, you will never get vac ban but there is 1% chance to get vac ban so we suggest you play fair and pro game in CS2 gameplay.

Why Buy CS2 Accounts From OwnASmurf?

Security: We provide the cs2 accounts by boosting without using any third party software or hacks.

Affordable Pricing: Our Account’s prices are very cheap and affordable that you can buy from OwnASmurf with high experience.

100% Feedback: We have sold 1100+ CS2 Smurf Accounts with any experienced trouble by our customer and 99% feedback is positive. We give importance to customers with loyalty so that we can build long-lasting customer relationships.

Instant Delivery: We send the csgo account details to your order box as well as your billing email address.

24 x 7 Support: Our technical agents and support staff every time ready to help with relevant queries and information if you have. Feel free to chat box below the right bottom corner or you can send directly the email to the support mailbox.

CS2 Prime Accounts

CS2 Prime Accounts are the best way to smurfing in competitive matchmaking. Although every CS:2 player want to upgrade Prime Status for matchmaking. CS2 Prime Status always be used for reducing the chances of in-game hackers and If you have prime then you will matched with other player who have csgo prime. Every CS:2 player will be eligible for prime-exclusive souvenir items, weapon cases and item drops.
There are 2 methods to upgrade prime status:
1. Reaching by private rank 21at 6.99$ with low amount from OwnASmurf.
2. In-game upgrade at 14.99$ with high amount from steam store.
CSGO Ranked Accounts have 18 types of ranks and these ranks will appear after winning 10 competitive matches. You can get CS2 Smurf Accounts with ranks like Silver , gold nova, master guardian, legendary eagle, smfc and global elite. Silver ranks is the lowest rank in matchmaking rank pool, In these group there are two type of players matched – 1. Who have just started their career in CS2 a while ago. 2. Smurf player used these accounts to play against noob player and for fun. Global elite is the highest rank that owes only by few players, road to global elite is the hardest way so some players use hack in the matchmaking.
We have broad range to buy cs2 ranked accounts at cheapest and economical price. Basic prime starts from 6.99$ and upto 15.99$. You don’t need to be panic for prime accounts and no need to wait for 10 months for eligibility of prime. Just go to cs2 prime accounts accounts, hit on ‘Add To Cart’ , ‘Checkout’ and have fun.

Are you a big fan of Counter Strike 2? If yes, we have amazing deals and offers for you. Why are you waiting to do smurfing and hacks in non prime cs2 matchmaking, HAHAHHA. Basically hackers buy cs2 ranked and non prime accounts. These non prime cs2 accounts only have 10 wins and 10-30 hours. If you are looking to buy ranked ready csgo accounts then you are at the best CS2 Marketplace.

These types of accounts have private rank below 21, Mostly these accounts used by the hackers and who want to enjoy csgo with hacks and walls. Ranked ready accounts have low cost as comparison to the prime ranked cs2 accounts.

When you create the steam accounts and add cs2 into library then it will be considered as the non prime account and with low trust factor and non-prime status will be given to you. In non prime, there are higher chances and risk to be matched against hackers and wallers. You can play in community servers, there are private lobbies with pro and legit players.
Don’t need to go other smurf websites, we are offering you every type of cs2 accounts at lowest prices with high trust factor. If you found low trust factor in matchmaking, direct contact to live support for replacement but there is no chances of low trust factor, because we have larger team for boosting of CS2 Smurf Ranked Accounts. We never disappoint our customers. Choosing the best cs2 marketplace is upto you and we think selection of good marketplace can be worthy for both of us.
You begin at zero and once enjoying matches you earn XPS that helps you succeed your next rank. For the year 2021, you’ve got private rank 40, you’ll receive level one CS2 service medal. It isn’t a simple task to finish although. One should give for a year straight; it might need your patience since it isn’t a simple factor to simply wait!
High-tier CS2 accounts are little bit most expensive and lucrative accounts available to cs2 players. We believe in presenting the best ever gaming experience for our customers, so each of our accounts have high trust factor. High-tier accounts are the best of a wide variety of accounts that we provide. Let us explain why we are best.
High-tier accounts have a definite range of hours vie and wins. You will scroll through the various accounts indicating variable levels of expertise. after you consider a specific account providing, you’ll clearly see the small print to know what you’ll get once the acquisition. the amount of hours vie vary from five hundred to 2000 hours. And once it involves the amount of wins, the vary is from thirty to 330 wins. With some accounts, you furthermore may get the 10-year veteran coin together with another rewards.
CS2 offers its players some awards that area unit called medals. A lot of medals mean a skillful account and thereby, associate degree alone gambling expertise. The Silver III Prime could be a popularly purchased account that provides many options. it’s the well-liked account for skilled gamers who often play the sport and perceive its intricacies. associate degree account with lots of options ought to be purchased by somebody who will build the foremost of it and perceive the techniques to win. A particular high-tier account may have a 5-year veteran coin, a gold or diamond operation vanguard coin, associate degree operation prison-breaking challenge coin, and conjointly a loyalty badge.

 If you’re a good CS2 player for years, you’d perceive the extent of experience that such associate degree account brings. you’d conjointly perceive what you’ll do with such associate degree older account and what reasonably expectations you must have. whereas this account is pricey, it’ll positively allow you to sharpen all the complicated ways to defeat alternative groups during a game. Some accounts enable you to feature friends as teammates creating the sport a lot of advanced and diverting. Some others associate with a trophy and access to higher ranks in additional games like GTA five and PUBG. you’ll opt for a high-tier account from our web site supported your needs.

CS2 Veteran Coin Accounts

10 year and 5 year veteran coin are too rare in this cs2 gaming world. You will get 10 Year Veteran Coin when you have Counter Strike for over 10 years or  had the any series of counter strike in your library for limited time. You need to play atleast few minutes to reedem veteran coins in csgo account. if you aren’t one amongst those players, however are you able to get your hands on these prestigious accounts, what are you able to do? Well, you’ll be able to begin by visiting ownasmurf.
Once you return on our website,visit to the relevant account page of veteran coin that you are looking for . Then, you’ll be able to choose the kind of 10 Year Veteran Account you wish to get and add it to your cart. Once you checkout, you’ll be able to create the payment on-line via our secure entry. Once your payment goes through, you’ll receive the steam account details of your account like a shot. the e-mail confirming your order can associate with a Steam username, a Steam password, associate email address, and password if needed. These details can alter you to log into your account like a shot. The account is incredibly prestigious and can lead you to a good ending within the game. If you wish a high-quality gaming experience, this can be specifically however you’ll be able to get one. The quality provided by our accounts is unequalled. All these accounts will have high trust factor, no bans and no coolsdowns. we tend to don’t use third party software or hacking software to form and activate these accounts. thus go forth and begin gaming to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget to ascertain your email like a shot when you placed your order. Our live support is available to answer any queries associated with request, payment, choosing accounts, activating coupon codes or regarding any a part of the method. we would like you to play the games of your life, and with our accounts, you’ll be able to create your dreams true.

Benefits And Advantages of Prime Status

What is Prime Status?
Prime status is the feature in CS2 for players who have gained it by reaching private rank 21 or purchased it from steam market in-game.In prime cs2 accounts, players will be matched with other players who also have prime status. Also they can be matched in other game modes. Prime players will be eligible for exclusive items like souvenir items, drops after competitive and casual match, weapons cases and can play on every community server.
There are two methods to upgrade prime status in CS2 Ranked Accounts:
1. By purchasing the Prime Status from steam market
2. By reaching Private Rank 21 in CS:2.
On other hand, all player who had csgo in their library with non prime status, they all were upgraded to prime status after the danger zone update. They also got a loyalty badge as extraordinary badge. Also this benefit also given to those users, who had csgo from last five years. You can verify prime status on your account by clicking on ‘Play’ button then you will see a green badge ‘Prime Enabled’ on next screen. If you have reached private rank 21 then you don’t need to do anything, just need to add phone number. Profile Level 21. How do I opt into Prime Status?

Benefits of Buying CS2 Prime Accounts

Better Experience: Prime status improves the quality of gameplay and matchmaking. You will fine the in-game players with the same skill set.
Less cheaters: You will find a match with prime players and they will be almost legit and they don’t use hacks because no one want to ban their own account after spending 15$ and 10 weeks for prime status.
Eligible for all community Servers: All cs2 players will be eligible to join VAC-secure server for practice and playing with friends.

What changes became after addition of prime status in CS2 Accounts:

More players online: In 2018, Almost cs2 players using hacks regularly and there was huge drop of csgo players due to the in-game hackers. After research Valve launched the prime feature and made csgo ‘Free to play’ and in 2019, CS2 Players increased to 900,000.
Less cheaters in Prime mode: Because prime status became worthy, no one want to spend 15$ to use hacks and walls, moreover spending the time around 10-12 weeks regular gameplay.

Playing for free: After update of prime status, CS2 became as free to play and anyone can in library to enjoy cs2 matches.

Principle of CS2 Matchmaking:

1. If you are prime and you are in same lobby with 4 other prime players then you will be matched against prime players.
2. If you are prime and anyone has non – prime status in cs2, then doesn’t matter you have prime, you will be matched against non prime players too.


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