Top advantages of buying CSGO prime accounts

CSGO Silver Elite Mid Tier Account

Do you enjoy playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? So far you might have understood how engrossing the game can be. Therefore, if you still have a free account, it’s high time to switch to a paid CSGO account to exploit all the major facilities of the prime membership. Choose a reliable website to Buy CSGO Silver Prime Accounts and instead of wasting hours to collect credits or a new skin or a weapon, start enjoying the facilities exploited by the ace CSGO gamers.

Here, some of the top advantages of CSGO prime accounts are discussed


Players with a free membership often find it tedious to win a new skin or a weapon. Even to reach the next lap, they have to die several deaths more than killing with strategic counter strikes. However, by having access to one of the top VIP High Tier CSGO Accountsplayers can enjoy the immense facilities that the ace players of CSGO exploit. Above all, a prime account helps players to save more time.

Protection from hacking 

With a free account, like many players, you might also find it surprising how the account is getting hacked and the hackers are stealing all your credits that you stored after playing for hours. But, if you buy LEM Prime Account, you can put an extra layer of protection to your account and play safely.

Enjoy prime benefits 

By shopping a prime account from a reliable website like OwnASmurf, selling the finest prime and non-prime accounts for the CSGO gamers. Buy DMG Prime Account to choose your partner and access other benefits.