Free Membership vs. CS: GO Prime Membership- A close study of the differences in between the two

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Die-hard Counter-Strike Global Offensive players are always intrigued to enjoy access to multiple skins and weapons to add more excitement to their gaming experience. However, free members, those who Buy CSGO SMFC non prime Account have to quench their thirst of acquiring more skins as well as weapons with the limited provisions, or else they have to play for several hours to get access to a particular skin or weapon.

Free members also have to compromise security, data safety, flexibility to choose partners or enemies, etc. Therefore, if you Buy CSGO SMFC prime Account or any paid account, the Counter-Strike Global Offensive gaming experience will be enhanced unlike before and you would like to play more to sway away by the incredible enjoyment as promised to prime members by the developers.

Here are some basic differences—Free Membership vs. CS: GO Prime Memberships

  • Features- Skins & Weapons

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Free members have to keep content with a few limited skins and weapons. Only by playing for several hours and days- they can collect a few other skins and weapons.

Players that buy high tier CSGO accounts have instant access to a wide array of skins and weapons that they can choose to use or change anytime.

  • Safety from Hackers

Hackers target the free members as they are more vulnerable to protect their won coins and skins or weapons. Mostly, the free members end up losing all their won treasures by choosing to play on a less protected platform. However, players that buy Valorant NA account stay protected from any unethical intrusion or hacking.