Why we need green trust factor account?

Csgo account

Over the past 19 years, CS: GO game has successfully engrossed action players globally. Being a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, you must have heard about the trust factor matchmaking system that Valve- the developers of the game introduced to identify the players using the third-party users. You can buy CSGO prime account to enjoy the benefits of being a green trust factor account gamer.

The developers are keeping three colors- Red, Yellow, and Green to identify the trust factor of the players. The players with free accounts are prone to get tagged with a Red marking when it comes to assessing the trust factor. The players with Yellow color will enjoy moderate trust factor matchmaking with friends and other players while the players with the Green trust factor account will be 100% trusted players.

With a Prime account, you can always be benefited from the new trust factor matchmaking system. You can share your phone numbers, and buy Valorant account and use your CS: GO Rank as the major factor to use in this new system.

Even if you shop for a prime account or buy Valorant EU account, Valve encourages players to link their phone number with the Steam account for improving the matchmaking experience.

That’s the reason why any CS: GO player will need a green trust factor account. If you choose to buy a prime account or buy CSGO gold nova prime accounts considering the features and the budget or yours—you can enjoy the advantages of the Green trust factor.