Ranking System of Valorant

Valorant EU Diamond 1 Rank Account

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Riot Games has set some parameters when it comes to the ranking system. Understanding the ranking system might be difficult for the newcomers as this is a multi-player ranking system with some differences coded according to Riot Games.

It’s impossible to switch to any level whimsically without clearing the previous levels. Riot Games has set strict rules where players have to clear the first 10 unrated matches before unlocking the competitive mode of the Valorant Game.

Here’re the top eight ranks of the ranking system—

  1. Level- Valorant Iron account
  2. Level- Valorant Bronze account
  3. Level- Valorant Silver account
  4. Level- Valorant Gold account
  5. Level- Valorant Platinum account
  6. Level- Valorant Diamond account
  7. Level- Valorant Immortal account
  8. Level- Valorant radiant account that was previously known as Valorant

Altogether, there’re twenty ranks in Valorant. You being a talented player can drop the first four levels and start ranking from the Bronze level. However, most players begin their journey from the Iron Level by having an Iron Valorant account. You can also enjoy better matchmaking with higher ranks along with winning more AP.

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