New Operation in CSGO is Around The Corner

GNM Rank VIP High Tier Account

The much-talked-about Broken Fang ended on April 2021, so the passionate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players with CSGO high tier accounts globally are looking forward to the next new CS: GO operation to add more fuel to their gaming spree.

So, when’s the 11th surgery can be expected? Any player with a CSGO prime account keeps asking Valve the same question to the developers, according to many players’ opinions, they are taking a hell lot of time to bring in the next new operation to amaze them.

The primary reason behind this gap is the Major Tournament—The PGL Stockholm that was staged almost after two years of a break for the CSGO accounts with medals. The developers didn’t want the major bug attacks during this timeframe so avoided unnecessary changes. They only did a few bit fixes to ensure the players with uninterrupted gaming experience.

On October 7th, 2021, the Major will be ended and soon after that the developers will take some time for them of at least two months to announce a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation with our without any CSGO 10 year coin account for their die-hard players. This will be the scenario quite similar to what Shattered Web did when the game was hit just after sixty days of Berlin Major in 2019.

As the player with CSGO accounts keeps shouting for the 11th Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation, while Valve can only assure them with the hope of next December even though, the Valve developers have the reputation of being “unpredictable”. So, let’s hope at the beginning of the next year, the good news will be flashed!