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CS2 Prime Accounts

If you’re in the market for the best CS2 Prime Accounts, you’ve landed just in the right place. We at ownasmurf try to give our users the best there is in the CS2 market. We have a long building trust of thousands of our customers that spend their hard earned money and understand the value of how these prime accounts work. 

There is a lot you might not know about these Prime accounts in CS2. All the points and questions will be clear by today and all your doubts will be solved from the content below. 

What are CS2 Prime Accounts?

These are premium accounts in CS2 that take a while to build up. In a market, these accounts have a built up value that gives you a good output in game. Comparing them with a fresh account, it can take months to achieve the Prime status with a High trust factor. 

Prime accounts are nothing but accounts that reach private rank 21. When you start the game with rank 0, it takes a lot of time gaining that XP and increasing your level. There are a lot of other factors to consider when you’re looking at premium CS2 accounts. 

Why you should buy CS2 Prime Accounts?

Well, for starters, these accounts are unlocked with the most premium drops. What does this mean? You get some of the best in game item drops that can help you increase your lobby attention. Imagine getting a drop worth hundreds of dollars. Yes!! People are actually getting these drops in CS2.

But only the prime account holders. So you can buy CS2 Prime Accounts to get some premium drops but this is not the major reason. 

The other important reason for buying these accounts is getting a hacker free experience in the game. The prime account holders get games where there are few hackers or limited hackers so make your decision wisely. 

How to Shop CS2 Prime Accounts?

We’ve got you covered. OwnASmurf provides the best there is in CS2 Accounts. We have the best ranks available in the market at the very best prices you can ask for. As mentioned earlier, OwnASmurf is trusted by thousands of account buyers and we have provided the same to many people. Currently, we have CS2 Prime Accounts on sale so if you’re looking for a solid deal, now would be the best time to invest in CS2 Prime accounts. 

There are a few more reasons of choosing us over all other sites or stores in the market. 

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CS2 Prime Accounts

Ownasmurf present you sufficient and great amount of prime accounts with reasonable rates and high quality services with green trust factor, prime accounts. Now a day hackers are raging in non-prime lobby so its our preference that you must buy prime account and keep focusing on your match making grind and experience with your lobby mates. Here at Ownasmurf we provide most prominent and popular ranks account with durable services and reliable(cheapest) prime on internet, to make your dream comes true. So if you are struggling to smurf in csgo rank you can buy various other ranks account which suits you, We offer an amazing collection of prime accounts for quite a long time with guaranteed 100+ hours. These Prime accounts have no chances or risks of lockdown and as these are global accounts you can play from anywhere in the world.

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Counter-Strike:2 (CS2) is an immensely popular first-person shooter that has captivated gamers worldwide. As the game's competitive scene continues to grow, players are constantly seeking ways to enhance their gaming experience. One such option is the CS:2 Prime Account, a feature that not only improves gameplay but also elevates the overall gaming environment.

What is a CS2 Prime Account?
A CS2 Prime Account is a premium subscription service offered by Valve Corporation to enhance the quality of the gaming experience for its players. To become a Prime member, you need to link your phone number to your CS2 account. This feature is designed to reduce the number of smurfs (experienced players on alternate accounts) and cheaters in the game.

Key Benefits of a CS2 Prime Account:

Reduced Cheating and Smurfing:
By linking your phone number, you gain access to a matchmaking pool that is largely free from cheaters and smurfs. This means fairer and more enjoyable matches with players of similar skill levels.

Enhanced Trust Factor:
Your Prime status positively impacts your Trust Factor, a system used to determine your credibility in the CS2 community. Higher Trust Factors lead to better matchmaking experiences.

Exclusive Souvenir Drops:
Prime members have the opportunity to receive exclusive souvenir item drops during Majors tournaments. These valuable collectibles can be traded or sold on the Steam Marketplace.

Prime-Only Weapon Case:
Some CS2 weapon cases and item collections are exclusive to Prime members. This adds a unique aspect to your inventory.

A Premium Gaming Environment:
Prime status creates a more serious and competitive gaming environment, making it perfect for players who want to experience CS2 at its best.

How to Get a CS2 Prime Account:
Obtaining a Prime Account is a straightforward process:

Link Your Phone Number: Go to your CS2 account settings and link your phone number. Once linked, you'll be eligible for Prime matchmaking.

Verify Your Phone: Valve may require you to verify your phone number via a text message code.

Enjoy Prime Benefits: Once your phone number is linked, you'll have access to the benefits of a CS2 Prime Account immediately.

CS2 Prime Account offers an exceptional gaming experience with reduced cheating, exclusive in-game items, and a community of like-minded players. By becoming a Prime member, you can elevate your CS2 journey and enjoy fairer and more competitive matches. Join the ranks of dedicated players who understand the value of a Prime Account and experience CS2 in its purest form.