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CSGO Bundles And Deals

We Ownasmurf offers you with an amazing and stunning collection of CSGO pr2 Non-prime Bundle with great deals within cheap rates and lowest price available within all online platform. We have various variants of CSGO pr2 non-prime accounts some pr2 non-prime accounts comes with 1000+ hours and some comes with 5000+ hours and basic rest are minimum 100+ hours boosted pr2 non-prime.

Why to buy from us –

We here provide you with all high tech customer support we have 24 by 7 live chat which enable you to ask query at any time whenever you want.
We offer you instant delivery of all CSGO pr2 non-prime account within your registered gmail account.

Why to buy pr2 accounts –

First reason why you must buy is that you can directly play match making with you friends while smurfing, Pr2 non prime accounts are very much in demand due to its low prices and is immensely used by fellow community members who all love playing CSGO all over the world. It offers you smooth smurfing and better gaming experience and have a happy and nice day with yours friends.

Why choose us? –

The non-prime accounts offered by ownasmurf are VAC clean status and have no risk of getting lock coz we serve it with first email. And we are here to always help you and assist you whenever you need help, Try once and you will love it as our CSGO pr2 accounts are cheapest within all online platform.