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CSGO Non-Prime Accounts

Among all the CSGO hype of the recent challenges and maps, Non-Prime Accounts have lost their path. People have started to ignore the fact that if you’re on a budget, CSGO Non-Prime Accounts are the best place to have some fun and chill out with your friends. 


Before diving deep into why you should buy CSGO Non-Prime Accounts in 2021, you should know what exactly is the non-prime status in CSGO and why you should opt for it over the regular account or fresh account. 

What are CSGO Non-Prime Accounts?

These are exclusive accounts that hold the status below private rank 21. The fresh accounts you used to create in Steam won’t provide you with the features of a premium non-prime account. Yeah the prime status is much better but if you’re on a budget, non-prime is your go to accounts for casual gameplay. 


This can’t be said for a competitive matchmaking though. The non-prime status might attract a lot of hackers so it is not advised to play the official matchmaking games on these non prime accounts. 

Why Buy CSGO Non-Prime Accounts?

One of the biggest reasons is not to start fresh with the fresh accounts. These accounts range from 10 wins to 30 wins which is an added bonus if you’re in a unknown lobby among some newbies and you can show off your rank in the matchmaking. 


The fresh accounts don’t come with a rank so it is really difficult to get a rank on these fresh accounts. After buying these non prime accounts, you get access to the limited rank section that is available on our website. You can choose from a wide range of ranks available on OwnASmurf. Buy CSGO Non-Prime Accounts if you’re on a strict Budget and are not able to afford those high tier accounts that burn your pockets. 

Shop CSGO Non-Prime Accounts From OwnASmurf

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