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CSGO Silver Prime Accounts for CSGO Players:

If you wanna play tension free and zero headache match making then we would prefer you to buy CSGO silver prime accounts as it easy to smurf with zero tension you can also troll and grind your silver friends with these CSGO Silver prime account. The team of Ownasmurf knows the need and demands of csgo players and fulfill them in the best possible way so we provide them with variety of silver prime accounts with us.

What are silver rank prime account:

The silver rank is very famous as 90% of csgo players got their first matchmaking rank as silver.
Its the first ranks from csgo, as new players doesn’t know how to play the game so csgo puts the players in silver rank .
So silver rank consist of 6 sub ranks as:

1) SILVER 1 prime
2) SILVER 2 prime
3) SIlVER 3 prime
4) SILVER 4 prime

Why to buy from us:

We team of Ownasmurf serve you with most reasonable and long time silver rank accounts. Therefore, we provide you csgo silver smurf account with best and high quality services to make it smurf easy for fellow gaming community who trust us. We sale variety of csgo silver accounts with clean vac status and green trust factor accounts with no third-party software(hack) use in it. All account we provided come with minimum 10 wins and max 30+ wins.

So basically some people like to smurf on silver and feel like csgo pro .
As we boost these account for people who like to troll or people who want to push the ranks from silver 1 to globals .
As the accounts are boosted by our vertigo boosters to specific rank, no cheat / 3-rd party softwares are used to get silver rank .
So do check our range of  CSGO SILVER RANK PRIME ACCOUNT. And always stay active so you can check next CSGO silver account for sale on site and just buy csgo silver prime account so you can enjoy match making servers without any hacker. At ownasmurf we have weekly CSGO silver account for sale so stay active.