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Why To Buy Prime Veteran Coin Accounts:

If you are also willing to buy Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime accounts and searching for the Veteran coin prime accounts then our at right platform to buy from us. As part of the August 22, 2013 update, the Five Year Veteran Coin is awarded to players who were a member of the Counter-Strike community for over 5 years. To be eligible to receive the coin the player must have a game from the Counter-Strike series. Valve has given a little something to long-time Counter-Strike players in the form of the new CSGO 10 Year Veteran Coin. The 10 Year Veteran Coin will likely be among the most popular new additions: it’s a new Extraordinary Collectible that conveys a player’s decade-long service to the series.

Amazing Collection of Prime Accounts:

At ownasmurf one can see multiple medal and coins account for example Wildfire coin, Bloodhound coin, Vanguard coin, Hydra coin, Phoenix and Bravo coins etc coz account are 10 year old with 5 year veteran coin and most popular coins which are loved by most number of CSGO users, It is like a pride for every single CSGO user. The Veteran coin account which are provided by us comes with full green trust factor, So it’s easy to use for our customer and without any third party software used.

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There is a lot of gaming service provider platform all over the internet, but Ownasmurf is listed as one of the most reasonable platforms. We offer you with trusted and durable csgo ranked accounts boosted by our own vertigo team and having no chances of the vac on any account.