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Once we reach private rank 40 and we get first service medal which is nothing but a single medal account. Counter strike global offensive service medals come in various colours due to upgradation of private rank to 40 some are double upgraded, and some are single upgraded medal. Here at Ownasmurf we offer our customer variety of single medal accounts with reasonable rates all over internet and best offers so you can buy any account of your desire medal anytime from us. Single medal account is not an easy deal it is a dedication of one complete year toward csgo community to earn single medal. Some of single medal accounts also include veteran coin which make it look more trustworthy and better.

Counter strike global offensive service medals comes with high trust factor and good reputation within community while you play match making with your friends. Whenever you reach 40+ private rank you get different colors of service medal which depand on the way you put dedication towards playing match making.

You can buy all tha variants of service medal like double upgraded service medal which looks pretty over power, Each upgraded medal has its unique identity, Some comes with green colors, some with purple and follow up by blue and red etc. Ownasmurf offers you variety of CSGO Single medals accounts which are popular and are with high hours and high wins Single medal accounts.

Mostly we sell 100+ wins single medals account with minimum 10+ account level, You can choose which-ever account you wanna buy from ownasmurf within good and lowest price offer within all online platforms for CSGO Single medal accounts. Ownasmurf offer you CSGO Single medal with various year service medals like 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020 service medals, some of them must be double upgraded CSGO Single medal account which make your customer to show-off there account within all CSGO community.

Serving Quality and features in reasonable prices:

The single medal account we sell comes with minimum 150+ wins which make overwatch enable and more trustworthy to deal against hacking community. The Single medal prime accounts provided by us to our following gaming community comes with best quality and reasonable rates so everyone can try our Singlemedal prime accounts once. Our single medal accounts come with clean vac status and fully green trust factor which avoid you to play against hackers and account are totally trusted with no third-party software used(hack) and ready for faceit and other online platforms