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About Valorant Accounts

If you are a fan of CSGO then Valorant is you next step. Valorant is first person perspective shooting game and launched by the Riot Games. It is released in Oct 2019 and close beta launched in April 2020. Valorant is free to play, you just need to register at

Valorant is completely based on theme of counter strike global offensive and it has 128-tick rate servers than can help with no-lagging while playing. In valorant game, there will be 5vs5 players with different agent with multiple abilities and these characters come from plethora of countries. Players join the game either attacking mode or defending mode with each team of 5 players. Agents have multiple abilities with weapon and these can be upgraded from the store by using valorant points. You don’t need worry about it, Ownsmurf presenting the best moded accounts with weapons, you can buy valorant accounts from valorant category.

Valorant accounts have different regions:
1. Valorant NA Accounts
2. Valorant EU Accounts
3. Valorant SEA Accounts
4. Valorant Asia Accounts

What are valorant ranked accounts ?

Ownasmurf offers valorant account for sale, we have many varieties of valorant ranked accounts for sale, you can choose valorant accounts as per your skills and gameplay. Many competitors waiting for you, just grab the deal and defeat them with skills. In Valorant ranking system, matchmaking pool is divided into 8 ranks, starting from iron rank to radiant rank. Each rank has sub-ranks with level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Where to buy valorant smurf accounts for sale?

There are two major things that players search to buy valorant account. If they are going to buy they will take care account the price and safe purchasing process or just they want valorant smurf account with agents of multiple abilities and weapons. Buy valorant ranked account from us with hassle-free service and many features in valorant account. All types of valorant account has been listed in the valorant section, you just need to verify that account as per you skills. These accounts have restrictions with countries but we are here to fulfil your requirements.

What type of details I will get after buying valorant smurf account?
Riot Username
Riot Password
Email Address
Email Password

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